Julia Cameron & Jean-Pierre De Villiers

Julia Cameron & Jean-Pierre De Villiers

Julia Cameron & Jean-Pierre De Villiers

Julia Cameron De Villiers

Julia Cameron De Villiers is an entrepreneur, speaker,  jewellery designer and author. She is the creator of the Julia Cameron lifestyle brand where she exercises her passions through her blog, social media channels, jewellery lines, recipes and health tips. Julia runs transformational events and retreats around the world with her husband Jean-Pierre De Villiers. She spreads her empowering messages through her blogs and e-books with the intent to help young women with issues of self esteem and self-worth. Julia uses her personal story of transformation to inspire and coach others ready to make serious positive changes in their life. 


Jean-Pierre De Villiers

Jean-Pierre De Villiers is a Peak Performance Coach, International speaker and best selling author.

JP as he is known, teaches people how to become the best version of themselves so they can have more energy, confidence, freedom and success to genuinely live an extraordinary life.

JP has almost two decades of experience in personal coaching and high performance; he also runs events, retreats and challenges around the world. Jean-Pierre was has been nominated as Health Coach of the year, was selected as one of the top 50 most inspiring people in London and has had the honour of speaking in front of the Abu Dhabi Royal family. JP is a speaker for Success Resources, the No.1 events promotion company in the world, and as a representative for the No.1 Success Coach in the world, Tony Robbins. He runs Tony’s signature “Unleash The Power Within” preview events across Europe as a Senior Leader.